LMU alumni video featured on Funny or Die website

Nice Piece Production co-founders

Originally published in the Los Angeles Loyolan. For orignal, please refer to: LMU alumni video featured on Funny or Die website – Los Angeles Loyolan.

Nice Piece Production co-founders
Photo Credit: Nice Piece Productions

For any LMU students who left “The Social Network” wanting more, two LMU alumni have created just the thing to quench your thirst. A trailer for the fake film “The Social Network 2” arrived online last month, with great feature spots on CollegeHumor [collegehumor.com] and Funny or Die [funnyordie.com]. The trailer takes a different view of Facebook, begging the question, “What would the world do without our favorite website?”

John Gasienica (‘10) and Bennet Silverman (‘09), talked with A&E Editor Kevin O’Keeffe this week about their production company, Nice Piece Productions, the trailer’s success and giving people a reason to procrastinate.

Kevin O’Keeffe (KO): How did the idea for “The Social Network 2” trailer first gestate?

Nice Piece Productions (NP): We have a few friends who spend an inordinate amount of time on [Facebook]. We were having a discussion about what these individuals would do without social networking and just kind of ran with the idea. A trailer seemed like the best medium to convey the concept, but we’re really the ones who should be made fun of. The shameless online self-promotion we’ve done for this video has made us both Facebook regulars.

KO: The video was partially shot on LMU’s campus – what drew you back to your alma mater to film?

NP: The underground tunnel connecting Rosecrans and Desmond suited a lot of our shooting needs. We’re also huge fans of LMU. Most of the cast and crew are LMU alums.

KO: How did you get your video featured on Funny or Die and CollegeHumor?

NP: This is now the fourth video we’ve done so we felt confident enough to send it around to some of the big websites like funnyordie.com. Right off the bat we got a feature from collegehumor.com, followed by techcrunch.com, which really launched “The Social Network 2” out into the digital world. Luckily, at Funny or Die, it got shown to a few of the people in charge and apparently they liked it. It was really a thrill to see Chasen Banks (an LMU ‘10 alumnus actor in “The Social Network 2”) on the front page of Funny or Die.

KO: How did your company, Nice Piece Productions, come into existence?

NP: We became friends at LMU … but it wasn’t until after we graduated and realized how annoying it was to work for a living that we started producing these shorts. Bennet [Silverman] had the directing and producing education from LMU whereas John [Gasienica] had the LMU business background and was working on his master’s in screenwriting over at USC. We both liked the idea of giving people a reason to procrastinate and making them laugh while they do it.

KO: What other projects does Nice Piece have in the pipeline?

NP: We have about three or four Nice Pieces in development right now that are almost ready to go into production. We hope to release the next one in mid-January.

To learn more about Silverman, Gasienica and Nice Piece Productions, visit their website at www.nicepieceproductions.com. You can also follow them on Twitter (@heynicepiece), and like the company on Facebook.



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