Vehicle hits pedestrian behind back gates

Originally published in the Los Angeles Loyolan. For original, please refer to: Vehicle hits pedestrian behind back gates – Los Angeles Loyolan.

At approximately 5:40 p.m., there was what an LAPD officer on the scene described as an “auto-versus-pedestrian accident” on Loyola Blvd. outside the back gates.

The pedestrian, who reportedly did not appear to be an LMU student, sustained injuries and was transported to a hospital, according to Officer Lee of the LAPD. It is not known whether the driver was alone or with passengers, nor if the driver was an LMU student.

Junior film production major Luke Braun said he drove by the accident “shortly after it happened” and saw one ambulance and a few officers on the scene.

“There was an older woman, sitting on the ground, holding her shin, or ankle,” Braun said. He also noted that the woman did not seem “out of sorts.”

When driving back to his off-campus residence, Braun saw a second ambulance headed to the scene.

According to an officer in the Department of Public Safety (DPS), there was no DPS involvement on the scene.


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