SAE focus of Senate discussion

Originally published in the Los Angeles Loyolan. For original, please refer to: SAE focus of Senate discussion – Los Angeles Loyolan.

The off-campus colonization of Sigma Alpha Epsilon (SAE), first reported in the Nov. 12 Loyolan article “Unofficial fraternity colonizes off campus,” was a big topic at yesterday’s ASLMU Senate meeting. Introduced by Speaker of the Senate Ceci Rangel-Garcia, a sophomore psychology major, the Senate debated whether the subject was a student concern.

Two of the most vocal senators were sophomore political science major Alex Petosa and sophomore accounting major Roy Dilekoglu. In accordance with Section 6 of the ASLMU Bylaws, both declared their conflicts of interest (Petosa is a member of Alpha Phi, while Dilekoglu is in SAE), but continued to argue the issue’s potential significance to students.

Petosa said that it was the Senate’s job to stand by the administration, and that the Greek community’s responseto SAE’s colonization, signed by all 16 fraternity and sorority presidents, was a clear indication of the University’s decision. Dilekoglu disagreed, comparing this situation to the debate over the LGBT Student Services Office in Fall 2010. In that situation, he said, the University wasn’t entirely supportive of the office’s formation, yet the Senate stood behind it.

Greek Council President Joe Dzida, a senior marketing major, was in attendance and stated that in the expansion process last spring, when asked if they would continue colonization off campus if denied, SAE indicated that they would not.

ASLMU President and senior marketing major Bryan Ruiz, who is also the president of SAE, was also present. When asked by senator and junior political science and sociology double major EJ de Lara to comment, Ruiz said, “I’m just here to answer any and all student concerns on behalf of ASLMU.”

Ultimately, no vote was held or decision made regarding SAE.


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