Nicole Westbrook

“Thanksgiving” is No “Friday”

Nicole Westbrook

Photo Credit: YouTube | patomuzic

Almost two years ago, the world was taken by storm by a young woman a little too into the days of the week. Her name, of course, was Rebecca Black, and her viral hit “Friday” became part of the pop culture vernacular. The song was repetitive and irritating in all the worst ways. The video was even more inane. And yet in spite of all this – or rather, because of them – the song was hilarious.

Now, another girl’s song about an otherwise mundane happening – the holiday of Thanksgiving – is making its rounds on the web. Unlike “Friday,” Nicole Westbrook’s “It’s Thanksgiving” just doesn’t have the same magic. Watch it below:

Frankly, it should be funnier than it is. All the terrible elements are there: the rapping producer who can’t resist inserting himself into the song, the awkward camera angles and mundane, repetitive lyrics. There’s even a repeating “we we we” in the chorus! It’s the sequel we’ve not been yearning for.

Except, everything about it is just boring. It’s a reheated version of old schlock clearly designed to cause a reaction from the web – as it has already started to do. That last link even features an interview with both Westbrook and Wilson. In every single quote, you can practically see Wilson winking for the most outrage, as if to say, “Aren’t you just dying to sink your teeth into this mess?”

It’s no secret Wilson’s goal is to emulate Black’s success – he’s been putting out “Friday” sequels and follow-ups ever since the original set the world on fire. None of them are good, but none of them are bad enough to relish, either. Put in film terms, “Friday” was like the Beyoncé thriller (and utter laugh riot) “Obsessed,” while the rest are all middling Tyler Perry movies. “It’s Thanksgiving” is just conveniently timed enough to break out of the mediocrity.

However, “It’s Thanksgiving” won’t be remembered past this holiday season, because it just isn’t offering anything new. There will never be another one of these songs as successful as “Friday” for the same reason that any and all “Adele types” that emerge in the next couple of years will fail – nothing beats the original. (And this concludes any sort of comparison between Adele and Rebecca Black.)

Not only that, but part of the success of “Friday” was how the utter ludicrousness brought out the best one-liners and memes from us. “It’s Thanksgiving” isn’t likely to inspire such comedy, which takes all the fun out of it.

So when your friend posts “It’s Thanksgiving” with an exhausted “this again?”-type message on Twitter or Facebook, just keep scrolling. It’s not worth your time. Truth is, it’s nothing more than “Thanksgiving” turkey reheated on “Friday.”


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