Confusion surrounds parking sectors

Originally published in the Los Angeles Loyolan. For original, please refer to: Confusion surounds parking sectors – Los Angeles Loyolan.

The discussion over parking has surfaced again as this semester draws to a close.

The possibility of a permit parking system in the Westchester neighborhood was the subject of a recent L.A. Times article (the Nov. 25 article “University’s neighbors complain about student parking”). Additionally, an email was sent by Off-Campus Student Life (OCSL) Program Coordinator Brandon Azbill to commuter students outlining the specific parking zones on campus.

The new discussion has made clear that many students are confused about the assigned parking sectors on campus, though according to LMU’s Director of Parking and Transportation Mario Inga, this map has been available since the beginning of the year on LMU Parking’s website. He also said that the sectors have remained the same since the beginning of the 2011-12 academic year.

The sectors were listed in the rules and regulations agreed to by all students who registered cars on campus, under a section titled “Payment Methods and Instruction.”

Additionally, Inga said he met with ASLMU Senate “a month and a half ago” to discuss the map and give the senators a copy, expecting that it would be distributed to students through a mass email.

However, several senators said during their weekly meeting yesterday that it wasn’t clear from the meeting with Inga that the parking sectors took effect this semester, expecting it to begin next semester.

To raise awareness of the parking concerns, sophomore psychology major and Speaker of the Senate Ceci Rangel-Garcia and junior urban studies major and Senator Shawn Troedson said ASLMU is planning to create a parking quiz for students to inform them of the rules and regulations.


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