Sharon Stone shows ‘Basic Instinct’ for grad student’s art

Originally published by the Los Angeles Loyolan. For original, please refer to: Sharon Stone shows ‘Basic Instinct’ for grad student’s art – The Los Angeles Loyolan.

We at the Loyolan are inundated with press releases almost every day. Most of the time, the events being promoted are barely relevant to LMU students, if they have any tie-in at all. So whenever one does relate to our University, we take a closer look.

In this case, the press release was about actress Sharon Stone buying a photograph. But not just any photograph – this was an LMU grad student’s photograph.

This was ‘breaking news,’ to be sure. So here, presented with my commentary, is the bulk of the press release.

For Immediate Release: Los Angeles (Oct. 3, 2013) – The Fifth Annual Lady Filmmakers Music, Art & Film Festival exhibited three artists along with artistic dance films this year as a part of it’s art show. Cara Pabst Moran of Arizona, Georgia Bernard and May Charters exhibited their works at the Aidikoff Theater.

Bernard is the LMU student. Why she didn’t get a fancy title, like Queen Cara Pabst Moran of Arizona, is beyond me.

Whilst at the festival waiting to receive her Illumination Humanitarian Award for her film “Femme-Women healing the World” and the Spotlight Award highlighting her career as an actress, filmmaker and humanitarian, Ms. Stone took the time to enjoy the art exhibit.

I’d like to imagine things went approximately like this:

STONE: “Hello, I’m Academy Award-nominated actress Sharon Stone, here to enjoy the exhibit while waiting to receive my Illumination Humanitarian Award and Spotlight Award. I would like to enjoy the art exhibit.”


Georgia Bernard, a local Loyola Marymount BFA student, displayed several photographs and sold a photograph to a supportive Sharon Stone …

STONE: “You there! I’m Academy Award-nominated actress Sharon–”

BERNARD: “Yes, I heard. Would you like to see my photographs?”

STONE: “Certainly! Robert De Niro once called me ‘a supportive Sharon Stone’ on the set of my film ‘Casino’–”

BERNARD: “Right, so, the photographs.”

… once again using her celebrity for good.

“Once again using her celebrity for good” apparently now means “purchasing a piece of art.”

Cara Pabst Moran of The Signature gallery in Arizona and Laguna Beach …

Not content with her existing kingdom, Queen Cara Pabst Moran of Arizona added Laguna Beach to her fiefdom.

… painted live on Saturday and Sunday, completing two beautiful pieces right before our eyes. She too sold one painting.

This isn’t quite clear. Did she sell the painting to Stone, or to another supportive Academy Award-nominated actress using her celebrity for good?

The third artist, May Charters, displayed a painting of her cinematographer dad which was not for sale.

Back to the imaginary encounter:

STONE: “Hold, artist! I’m Academy Awa-”

CHARTERS: “Yes, yes, I loved you in ‘Basic Instinct.’”

STONE: “Well, I, the supportive Sharon Stone, would like to purchase this painting.”

CHARTERS: “Oh, I’m sorry, it’s not for sale.”

STONE: “… But I’m Sharon Stone. Trying to use my celebrity for good.”

CHARTERS: “It’s really just an exhibition. Would you like to take a closer look?”

STONE: “Would that show that I’m supportive?”

All joking aside, Bernard’s work gaining the eye of a high-profile buyer like Stone is great – I’ve got all the Lion pride in the world for an LMU student making moves. The Loyolan reached out to Bernard for comment on the press release through what appeared to be her Facebook page, but we had not heard back from her by publication deadline.

Still, nifty as this may be, is making the purchase of a photograph into “using her celebrity for good” really sending the right kind of message? Sometimes, the best way to do a good deed is to not tell anyone about it at all.


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