Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone

It’s K-OK!

This section includes work published under my column name “It’s K-OK!” in the Arts & Entertainment section of the Los Angeles Loyolan.

Nostalgia no longer: The ’90s aren’t ‘All That’ – Published April 26, 2012
Iranian film is relatable despite subtitles – Published March 8, 2012
NBC takes a musical gamble with ‘Smash’ – Published February 6, 2012
A letter to Ryan Gosling, national treasure – Published February 2, 2012
Television’s ‘Parks & Recreation’ Problem – Published January 19, 2012
One last, loving look back at pop culture in 2011 – Published January 11, 2012
A California ‘Dream’ for Thanksgiving – Published December 1, 2011
The tale of two Snow Whites – Published November 21, 2011
Adele, music needs ‘Someone Like You’ – Published November 17, 2011
A bad week for the Oscars – Published November 14, 2011
How the men of LMU can make it work – Published November 11, 2011
The death of watercooler TV – Published October 27, 2011
Yes, you were edited to look that way – Published October 24, 2011
Entertainment that is so bad it is so amazing – Published October 12, 2011
Super Bonding Bros. in college – Published October 10, 2011
The ’90s really were all that – Published October 6, 2011


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