Teen Wolf Gives ‘Gay-Friendly’ a Furry Face

No show makes me feel so absurd by loving it than Teen Wolf does. A wall-to-wall celebration of beefcake, melodrama and more supernatural than I’ve ever wanted in a TV show, the MTV series based off the Michael J. Fox ’80s flick is made for GIF walls and Tumblr shrines – not usually my deal.

But what started as a guilty pleasure (and thanks to many critics comparing it favorably to another great MTV show, Awkward) has ended up with me obsessively keeping up with teenaged lycanthrope Scott McCall (Tyler Posey) and his merry band of fellow friends and wolves completely guilt-free. And all of it is owed to one man: Creator Jeff Davis, who has cultivated the gay-friendliest show on television.

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Quick Read: Watch ‘Awkward.’ You’re Welcome.


Photo Credit: YouTube | Martijn van Veen

Hey, you know what’s one of the most heartfelt, charming, enjoyable shows on television? It’s “Awkward.” Not the feeling, the MTV teen dramedy about a girl wit a blog that has more going for it than most network shows.

It’s well-acted, well-written, funny and quirky (in a good way, not in a “New Girl” way). Currently on hiatus before its third season, all 24 episodes from the first two seasons are available online at MTV.com. Since each episode is only 22 minutes, it only takes about ten hours to watch it all.

So go do that. Now. It’s too great to summarize without spoilers, and blogging about a show about a girl with a blog is just too meta  for me. So go enjoy it for yourself!

And always remember: #TeamJake. (You’ll understand after you’ve watched it. Which you’re doing now.)