My First Month at The Wire, ICYMI

So yesterday marked the end of my fourth week with The Wire and the end of my fifth week in New York City! Both of these numbers confuse me. Like, they really perplex me. In the way I remember feeling lost in geometry classes. Sine? Cosine? A month’s work of writing for Atlantic Media? Tangent? But yes! I got through my first month, and without too many scars. In fact, I came out having already written a bunch of pieces I’m really proud of – much better than scars, I think. Since it’s the first weekend of August and I need to stop obsessively tidying up my apartment (the best motivation for developing OCD is having company over, apparently), I thought I’d take a second to share some of my favorite posts I’ve written so far. “The High Cost of Living in Kim Kardashian’s Hollywood” – I had the benefit of getting this in before Kim K thinkpiece fatigue set in, and it was a total kick to nerd out over finances in a Kardashian-adjacent property. (Other great stuff on the smartphone phenomenon: Zachary Wilcha on boldly going into this strange world; Greg Seals on how to hack the game.) “A Thorough and Barely Necessary Dissection of the VMA Nominations” – Look, I know there are a lot of great editors out there. But my editor, Joe Reid, talked with me for 2,000+ words about the VMA nominations AND ended our post with the signature “Pretty Hurts” ah-AH-ah. He’s the best, and this was a blast to work with him on. “The Best Project Runway Looks of All Time” – Got the loveliest feedback from the greatest people for this one. You’re all always “IN” in my book. (I’m sorry, that was terrible.) “Anna Kendrick’s Guide to Avoiding Getting Hathaway’d, Before It’s Too Late” – SAVE ANNA “Who to Pay Attention to in the Brave New World of Vine Celebrity” and “Trying (and Failing) to Tolerate YouTube’s Advertised Personalities” – #Engaging with the world of #teens and #socialmedia (the second was a #collaboration with my beloved co-fellow Shirley Li, who is the #best). “A Definitive Ranking of Nicki Minaj Guest Verses” – “Couldn’t get Michael KOAHS if you was fuckin’ Michael KOAHS!” Still spectacular. (And another Joe collab!)

The Wire Writing Test Posts

The four posts linked below constitute my writing test for The Wire‘s fellowship program. The posts were completed during the course of one day (Thursday, April 3). Thanks so much for the opportunity to participate in the test – looking forward to hearing from you soon!


Passion post: “Michelle Williams is Over Your #PoorMichelle Jokes”


News post: “Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich Resigns”


Visual post: “Starbucks Barista Draws Satanic Foam Symbols in Coffee”


Home News from Afar post“Was ZunZuneo Ilegal? International Media is in Desacuerdo