Burning Questions with the outgoing Editor in Chief

Photo Credit: Liana Bandziulis

Photo Credit: Liana Bandziulis

Originally published in the Los Angeles Loyolan. For original, please refer to: 11 Burning Questions with the outgoing Editor in Chief – Los Angeles Loyolan.

1. What emotions are you feeling as you transition out of the Editor in Chief (EIC) role?
It’s bittersweet. That’s the word that I have been using to describe it. Nothing could be more true. It’s really nice to get the chance to enjoy the end of senior year, but I will really miss having this job.

2. What first drew you to apply for the position?
It was actually inspired by people telling me that I should think about it, and that really made me decide to go for it.

3. What are you proudest of from your tenure?
It’s hard, because there are so many things that I’m proud of. I’m really proud of the way that we have worked on our Web presence. I think that we have done a better job of being in tune with the campus by covering more and getting more of the breaking news. I’m proud of the ways that we have grown as a paper.

4. What is your biggest hope for the Loyolan in the coming year?
Really working on the Web and finding ways to keep the student body interested. It’s a new crop every year. A fourth of the school changes every year and it’s really important to think about that when you plan out what direction the paper should go in.

5. Which of your articles is your personal favorite?
I have two. My first would be my coverage of when The Loft stuff was going on my sophomore year, about not having a liquor license, because that was the first time I got really involved with a story (in the Feb. 24, 2011 article of the Loyolan titled “Loft adopts new procedures”). My other favorite was the piece that I wrote on addiction last year. It was a favorite in terms of getting to know those people, learning about it and getting to write about it feature style (in the March 29, 2012 article of the Loyolan titled “Addiction: roads to recovery”).

6. What are your post-graduation plans?
You know, I wish I had an answer. I know that Kenzie [O’Keefe], the 2011-12 Editor in Chief, did last year. My biggest goal is just to find something that I enjoy as much as I enjoy working here, and just being comfortable with it, whatever that might be. If anyone has any suggestions…

7. How do you plan on filling your time that used to be devoted to the Loyolan for the next couple months?
That’s a tough question. I’m going to try to really take advantage of my last semester here.

8. You are known in the office for your guilty television pleasures. Out of “Army Wives,” “Revenge” and “Chicago Fire,” which is your favorite and why?
To be honest, once First Amendment Week ended, I watched eight episodes of “Army Wives” in a row and I am just right back in it. It is so good.

9. You’re also known for your love of your cat, Charlie. What do you think Charlie would say about your tenure as EIC?
He would ask me if this meant that I was going back to Boston. He’s my best friend! We’ve been apart for four years, and it’s been hard.

10. You’ve gotten to travel a lot during your time at the Loyolan. What was your favorite trip and why?
That’s hard, because each trip has been great. I think that Chicago for the Loyolan was an incredible trip because it was a great chance to bond with staff members, expand journalism knowledge and experience really being in a city with a downtown and a subway.

11. Which film do you hope will win Best Picture at the Oscars this weekend?
Most of my favorite movies don’t get nominated. I’m not super passionate about any of them. I honestly probably like “Zero Dark Thirty” the most, and I’m biased because I love [screenwriter] Mark Boal because he came here, but I think that movie is a great example of what a movie should be. “Zero Dark Thirty” was great because it happened within our lifetimes and it is already filmed and it’s factual. “Argo” and “Silver Linings Playbook” were also great.

12. Describe what the Loyolan means to you in one sentence.

13. What is your funniest story from working at the Loyolan?
In a lot of ways the funniest ones are what was the worst. Like when the power went out and we literally couldn’t make a paper, or when the printer self-combusted. We once had to print stuff at the library and run it back, and I almost got my printer from my room. LMU has actually marked me as spam because I emailed everyone in ITS asking them to fix the broken printer after hours because I needed help. You know what? Someone called us and it got fixed, but until this day I cannot email someone without it possibly popping up as potential spam, so check your spam folders for me!


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