Kevin O’Keeffe

About the Site: kevinpatrickokeeffe.com is a collection of all my professional work, as well as a blog featuring extra work that doesn’t appear on any other platform. All work republished from other sites is credited as such.

About Me:Hi there! I’m Kevin, a senior screenwriting major also studying journalism at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, California. I’m an Editorial Intern with The Advocate, a Senior Editor for the Los Angeles Loyolan (of which I was previously Editor in Chief) a Collegiate Correspondent at USA Today College and a freelancer for LA Weekly, a position I started after wrapping up a summer arts & culture internship there. I also spent the summer of 2012 as an editorial intern for Texas Monthly. My work in its original publication can be found on those sites.

Contact Info: I can be reached by email at kevinpatrickokeeffe@gmail.com, as well as followed on Twitter at @kevinpokeeffe. My LinkedIn profile can be found here.


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