UPDATE: This is the @SummerBreak Season 2 Cast

Screen Shot 2014-06-10 at 1.52.44 AMYou’re working on catching up with @SummerBreak, right? Season 2 is mere days away, and yet the cast has yet to be announced. The production team has had their casting weekend, and if they’re following the format from last year, they have to have already shot much of their pre-summer prologue. So the cast is set, and if social media trends are any indication, we can be confident that said group will be made up of the names you see here.

There are a couple of pretty easy tells when looking for cast members, first and foremost being that they’ll all be followed by producer Billy Parks. However, unlike other teenagers Parks has followed recently, eight of these nine have also hashtagged their recent Instagram photos with #MySummerBreak and #SummerBreakWith____ (the blank being filled with their name). The season 1 cast did the same before their episodes were posted. It creates content for the audience to consume the second the cast is announced, rather than waiting for the YouTube installments to kick into high gear. Admittedly, this is pure conjecture, but it’s reasoned conjecture, and I’d be shocked if eight of these nine aren’t part of the cast come announcement.

So who’s the ninth? Why, that’d be season 1 cast member Zaq. Strangely, despite tweeting about the show, Zaq hasn’t been labeling any Instagram photos with the appropriate hashtags, yet fellow season 1 player Ray is. Even more intriguingly, Zaq appears to be under contract with Wilhelmina Models. My bet: Zaq’s still in it. That may be anti-wishful thinking – my hope was that they’d bring back Ray and not Zaq – but we’ll see.

Among the other seven, you’ll see at least one familiar face: Whitney! Season 1’s breakout supporting star looks to be returning full-time for season 2. Of the newbies, Josie has the most inconspicuous last name (yes, she is Jose Canseco’s daughter), but I’m placing my bet for breakout star on Dash. He’s a young actor who’s already been in Modern Family and Children’s Hospital, and he seems to have the biggest personality.

Screen Shot 2014-06-17 at 8.57.48 AM

UPDATE: The show’s Tumblr has been updated with the full cast list. All nine mentioned above are in the cast, plus a tenth (one more than the show’s original cast last year). The tenth is Jacob, found on Twitter here and Instagram here.

Still need to catch up on @SummerBreak? Watch the season 1 essential cut below, and follow @kevinpokeeffe for more updates.

Catching Up With @SummerBreak Before Season 2

“Want to do a ride-along with some of the cast members of this series?” It was an innocuous idea pitched to me by my L.A. Weekly editor, Zach, while I was interning there last summer. The series seemed fun enough – a reality series about graduated high school students enjoying their last summer – and it was a good opportunity for my first big feature.

The feature came and went. But my obsession with the show lasted all the way to the finale. That’s the addictive power of @SummerBreak.

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In Praise of Greek’s Katherine Parker

Katherine Parker doesn’t arrive until the 47th episode of Greek, but she makes up for it quickly. She glides into her Panhellenic Council meeting, instantly causing everyone to sit down and pay attention. She wastes no time on roll call or pleasantries, getting right down to business.

“I as president note that everyone is here, could you please note that in the book? Moving on.” As Katherine, Nora Kirkpatrick isn’t wasting anyone’s time. She’s got a sing-song quality to her voice that never feels girlish or weak, but simply a pleasant couch on which her sometimes harsh words sit.

“Tara! It’s your birthday!” Katherine says to one delegate. Before series protagonist and Panhellenic newbie Casey Cartwright (Spencer Grammer) can barely get a “happy birthday” out, Katherine sours. “And where was the reminder email? Maybe next year. Moving on.”

Katherine Parker is always moving on, and she has no time for bullshit. She’s a strong contrast to the other characters in Greek – available and highly recommended for binge-watch on Netflix; I just finished watching for the first time and loved it. The other Greeks are either always going in circles (Casey, ex-boyfriend Evan), or don’t know where they’re going at all (Cappie, Calvin, Rusty). Katherine has always known where she was going – which makes her character all the more fascinating when she finally gets there.

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The Gems of Taylor Swift’s Awkward-Yet-Admirable Live Album

Perhaps my favorite part of the advent of Spotify has been the easy access to live albums. While they’ve been a slightly strange investment before – you want to buy recordings of people singing the same songs you already own studio versions of? – having them at your fingertips gives listeners a chance to enjoy them with much less commitment. I would never buy Taylor Swift’s live album, for instance. I’m not a huge Swift fan, though I like way more of her songs than you would expect of someone who’s lukewarm on the formerly country songbird. But while bored on a Wednesday night, I gave it a spin – and found plenty worth loving.

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Casting the Power Rangers Reboot (Before Hollywood Screws It Up Somehow)

As a child, I was a Power Rangers nut. I loved Beanie Babies and Pokémon as much as the next kid, but the color-coded team of heroes were my primary passion. So last week’s news that Saban Brands and Lionsgate are partnering to produce a reboot of the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers had me giddy. When will it come out? Who will play whom? Will anyone go to the midnight premiere with me? (No.)

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