UPDATE: This is the @SummerBreak Season 2 Cast

Screen Shot 2014-06-10 at 1.52.44 AMYou’re working on catching up with @SummerBreak, right? Season 2 is mere days away, and yet the cast has yet to be announced. The production team has had their casting weekend, and if they’re following the format from last year, they have to have already shot much of their pre-summer prologue. So the cast is set, and if social media trends are any indication, we can be confident that said group will be made up of the names you see here.

There are a couple of pretty easy tells when looking for cast members, first and foremost being that they’ll all be followed by producer Billy Parks. However, unlike other teenagers Parks has followed recently, eight of these nine have also hashtagged their recent Instagram photos with #MySummerBreak and #SummerBreakWith____ (the blank being filled with their name). The season 1 cast did the same before their episodes were posted. It creates content for the audience to consume the second the cast is announced, rather than waiting for the YouTube installments to kick into high gear. Admittedly, this is pure conjecture, but it’s reasoned conjecture, and I’d be shocked if eight of these nine aren’t part of the cast come announcement.

So who’s the ninth? Why, that’d be season 1 cast member Zaq. Strangely, despite tweeting about the show, Zaq hasn’t been labeling any Instagram photos with the appropriate hashtags, yet fellow season 1 player Ray is. Even more intriguingly, Zaq appears to be under contract with Wilhelmina Models. My bet: Zaq’s still in it. That may be anti-wishful thinking – my hope was that they’d bring back Ray and not Zaq – but we’ll see.

Among the other seven, you’ll see at least one familiar face: Whitney! Season 1’s breakout supporting star looks to be returning full-time for season 2. Of the newbies, Josie has the most inconspicuous last name (yes, she is Jose Canseco’s daughter), but I’m placing my bet for breakout star on Dash. He’s a young actor who’s already been in Modern Family and Children’s Hospital, and he seems to have the biggest personality.

Screen Shot 2014-06-17 at 8.57.48 AM

UPDATE: The show’s Tumblr has been updated with the full cast list. All nine mentioned above are in the cast, plus a tenth (one more than the show’s original cast last year). The tenth is Jacob, found on Twitter here and Instagram here.

Still need to catch up on @SummerBreak? Watch the season 1 essential cut below, and follow @kevinpokeeffe for more updates.

Catching Up With @SummerBreak Before Season 2

“Want to do a ride-along with some of the cast members of this series?” It was an innocuous idea pitched to me by my L.A. Weekly editor, Zach, while I was interning there last summer. The series seemed fun enough – a reality series about graduated high school students enjoying their last summer – and it was a good opportunity for my first big feature.

The feature came and went. But my obsession with the show lasted all the way to the finale. That’s the addictive power of @SummerBreak.

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LMU student hospitalized after fall at USC party

Originally published in the Los Angeles Loyolan and co-written with Asst. News Editor Ali Swenson. For original, please refer to: LMU student hospitalized after fall at USC party – The Los Angeles Loyolan.

An LMU student remains in the hospital after an incident at a party Thursday at the University of Southern California (USC)’s Sigma Alpha Epsilon (SAE) house on Greek Row, according to the Daily Trojan, USC’s daily news publication.

As confirmed by junior communication studies major Jessica Bowling,  the student is Carson Barenborg. According to Bowling, who was with Barenborg at the party on Thursday, Barenborg somehow fell from a 6-foot platform “head first into the concrete.” Barenborg was bleeding and screaming, Bowling said, resulting in paramedics transporting her to a local hospital.

“I followed and stayed with her until her parents got there,” Bowling told the Loyolan early Tuesday morning. “She’s still there and she has several fractures in her skull, paralysis in her face, broken ear drums and amnesia.” Barenborg reportedly remains in critical condition.

As a result of this and seven other hospitalizations at USC this weekend, their Greek Row has effectively been shut down. The list of sanctions for the Row includes an enforced no-alcohol policy at all events on the Row, and no events not submitted through an approval process. The full list of sanctions is available from the Daily Trojan online here.

The story was first reported by Neon Tommy, USC’s alternative news source, but their online coverage has changed throughout the day. At present, they are reporting to have spoken with Barenborg’s father, David Barenborg, who allegedly “would not comment on how she was injured.”

Sharon Stone shows ‘Basic Instinct’ for grad student’s art

Originally published by the Los Angeles Loyolan. For original, please refer to: Sharon Stone shows ‘Basic Instinct’ for grad student’s art – The Los Angeles Loyolan.

We at the Loyolan are inundated with press releases almost every day. Most of the time, the events being promoted are barely relevant to LMU students, if they have any tie-in at all. So whenever one does relate to our University, we take a closer look.

In this case, the press release was about actress Sharon Stone buying a photograph. But not just any photograph – this was an LMU grad student’s photograph.

This was ‘breaking news,’ to be sure. So here, presented with my commentary, is the bulk of the press release.

For Immediate Release: Los Angeles (Oct. 3, 2013) – The Fifth Annual Lady Filmmakers Music, Art & Film Festival exhibited three artists along with artistic dance films this year as a part of it’s art show. Cara Pabst Moran of Arizona, Georgia Bernard and May Charters exhibited their works at the Aidikoff Theater.

Bernard is the LMU student. Why she didn’t get a fancy title, like Queen Cara Pabst Moran of Arizona, is beyond me.

Whilst at the festival waiting to receive her Illumination Humanitarian Award for her film “Femme-Women healing the World” and the Spotlight Award highlighting her career as an actress, filmmaker and humanitarian, Ms. Stone took the time to enjoy the art exhibit.

I’d like to imagine things went approximately like this:

STONE: “Hello, I’m Academy Award-nominated actress Sharon Stone, here to enjoy the exhibit while waiting to receive my Illumination Humanitarian Award and Spotlight Award. I would like to enjoy the art exhibit.”


Georgia Bernard, a local Loyola Marymount BFA student, displayed several photographs and sold a photograph to a supportive Sharon Stone …

STONE: “You there! I’m Academy Award-nominated actress Sharon–”

BERNARD: “Yes, I heard. Would you like to see my photographs?”

STONE: “Certainly! Robert De Niro once called me ‘a supportive Sharon Stone’ on the set of my film ‘Casino’–”

BERNARD: “Right, so, the photographs.”

… once again using her celebrity for good.

“Once again using her celebrity for good” apparently now means “purchasing a piece of art.”

Cara Pabst Moran of The Signature gallery in Arizona and Laguna Beach …

Not content with her existing kingdom, Queen Cara Pabst Moran of Arizona added Laguna Beach to her fiefdom.

… painted live on Saturday and Sunday, completing two beautiful pieces right before our eyes. She too sold one painting.

This isn’t quite clear. Did she sell the painting to Stone, or to another supportive Academy Award-nominated actress using her celebrity for good?

The third artist, May Charters, displayed a painting of her cinematographer dad which was not for sale.

Back to the imaginary encounter:

STONE: “Hold, artist! I’m Academy Awa-”

CHARTERS: “Yes, yes, I loved you in ‘Basic Instinct.’”

STONE: “Well, I, the supportive Sharon Stone, would like to purchase this painting.”

CHARTERS: “Oh, I’m sorry, it’s not for sale.”

STONE: “… But I’m Sharon Stone. Trying to use my celebrity for good.”

CHARTERS: “It’s really just an exhibition. Would you like to take a closer look?”

STONE: “Would that show that I’m supportive?”

All joking aside, Bernard’s work gaining the eye of a high-profile buyer like Stone is great – I’ve got all the Lion pride in the world for an LMU student making moves. The Loyolan reached out to Bernard for comment on the press release through what appeared to be her Facebook page, but we had not heard back from her by publication deadline.

Still, nifty as this may be, is making the purchase of a photograph into “using her celebrity for good” really sending the right kind of message? Sometimes, the best way to do a good deed is to not tell anyone about it at all.

The Pickup Line, West Hollywood’s New Free Trolley Service, Is WeHo Incarnate

Photo Credit: Matt Baume/LA Weekly

Originally published on Public Spectacle, LA Weekly’s arts blog. For original, please refer to: The Pickup Line, West Hollywood’s New Free Trolley Service, Is WeHo Incarnate – Public Spectacle.

Partying in West Hollywood this weekend means opening yourself up to a big, cheesy pickup line headed right towards you. Luckily, this one doesn’t have to be avoided by a quick trip to the bathroom or an S.O.S. signal to your girls. No, in fact, this one is a lifeboat for the drunken looking for a trip across Santa Monica Blvd.

The Pickup Line, which depending on your taste is an either delightful play on words or painful pun, is a free trolley service officially launching this weekend. Running from Robertson Blvd. to just past Fairfax Ave., the Pickup Line might as well be called WeHo on Wheels: it’s loud and gimmicky, but full of the fabulous and beautiful denizens of L.A.’s gayborhood.

“Park on the east side, party on the west side” is the name of the Pickup Line’s game, according to WeHo city councilman John D’Amico. An early supporter of the project, D’Amico told the crowd amassed at the Pickup Line’s preview event that he could “imagine our friends in Los Angeles, maybe in Venice and” other neighborhoods embracing the trend.

For that to happen, however, the six-month pilot program must show results, according to councilman John Heilman, who was much more skeptical about the project when it was first discussed.

“This is a pilot project,” he said, “but what determines if it makes it is if it’s successful.” Motivating this might be the cost — the city invested $71,000 in the pilot program, and in order to keep it free, the city is paying an operating cost of $110 per week. During the pilot project, there are two trolleys, but officials say that there’s potential for four total if it takes off.

WeHo’s denizens can board the trolley from 8 p.m. to 3 a.m. at one of 20 stops lining Santa Monica Blvd., each indicated by a bright yellow sign. On the trolley, much like at any West Hollywood club, your ears will be assaulted by house music — the beats compliments of DJ Derek Monteiro. The maximum occupancy is 29, but it’s not hard to imagine getting the usual cramped, sweaty dance floor feeling the hottest clubs also boast.

The trolleys also have “The Pickup Shot,” a photo booth used for uploading photos to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, because what good is a programming initiative without a gimmicky social media tie-in?

One aspect of the venture that can’t be snarked at, however, are the promotional perks. The Abbey is letting riders skip the infamously long line. Fubar patrons who ride get their first drink for a dollar. Micky’s is offering no cover and priority admission. These aren’t small favors in WeHo; arguably, they’re more than worth the (free) ticket to ride.

The Pickup Line had its soft launch this past weekend, but will officially be launching this Friday with parties on the patios of Micky’s, Revolver, and Eleven nightclubs at 6 p.m. The maiden voyage of the trolleys will happen later that night.

Ultimately, the choice to ride the Pickup Line comes down to two factors: are you drunk enough for it, and do you like WeHo enough for it? If either or both of those things are true, the Pickup Line is a fabulous new addition to the nightlife scene. If not, this particular line just isn’t going to work on you — and even the perks might not be enough.