CollegeFest acts revealed

Photo Credit: Liana Bandziulis

Photo Credit: Liana Bandziulis

Originally published in the Los Angeles Loyolan. For original, please refer to: CollegeFest acts revealed – Los Angeles Loyolan.

Hip hop duo Chiddy Bang will headline this year’s CollegeFest, according to a statement released on ASLMU’s Facebook page last night and confirmed by ASLMU Director of Performance Events Ashley Thompson, a senior finance major.

CollegeFest, the annual spring concert event which will be held on Sunday, March 24 at 4 p.m., will also feature two opening acts – the previously announced Joanie Payne, and indie pop band Youngblood Hawke.

ASLMU Office Manager Jason Joyce said in an interview with the Loyolan that the acts were chosen as a way for CollegeFest to appeal to a wider range of listeners. Thompson echoed this sentiment when she told the Loyolan the acts were chosen “to reach a broad segment … [and] the largest portion of LMU.”

According to Thompson, Chiddy Bang was a “student-driven” choice – though another hip hop act resoundingly supported by students, Macklemore, wasn’t available. Thompson said that ASLMU actively attempted to book Macklemore, but was unable to do so due to budget and scheduling restraints.

Chiddy Bang, a duo known for its songs “The Opposite of Adults” and “Mind Your Manners,” is the first full-fledged hip hop act to play CollegeFest in several years. Previous years featured bands like Gym Class Heroes and The Bravery, as well as house music act Steve Aoki.

When asked about potential controversy with a hip hop act, Thompson said that their contract includes a clean show clause. Thompson described Chiddy Bang’s material as “pretty clean.” The duo has also performed at other colleges, including the University of South Florida and Virginia Tech University. YouTube videos of performances at those shows, however, include profane language, indicating that LMU’s clean show clause may not be standard of college shows.

Beyond the music, Thompson said CollegeFest has been envisioned as more of a “festival” this year than in the past, with food trucks, giveaways and a beer garden planned.


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